20130213-163515.jpgMy order of phospholipids arrived today. Another $900 well spent (or wasted as some would say), on a 2 month supply. Something new to add to my ever growing supplement list.

This is a good time to take stock of my supplement regime, as it is getting out of hand. I have become a victim of my own research it seems and my desire to throw everything possible at my little mutants has led me to this:

The photo is my morning dose of various supplements. This is repeated 3 times a day.

I went to the effort of counting the pills, and the count is 120 per day and still waiting on more exotic stuff to arrive from various parts of the world, which will bring the total to about 150.

Even to me this is starting to look insane, but pruning my list is proving difficult as everything I take has been carefully selected and researched. It now takes quite an effort to swallow all these pills and some make my daily nausea worse. 🙁 Time to re-visit my list I think.

I have setup a new category on supplements and over the next few weeks will document everything that I am taking and my reasons why.

About Ren

I have been diagnosed with stage 4, metastatic colorectal cancer in October 2012, 3 days after my 44th birthday. There is no cure, but I am determined to go down the road less travelled to find one. I have setup this blog to document my journey and hopefully help others in the process. My view is that if there is a cure, it does not lie with traditional chemo, but with the immune system. Time will tell.
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  1. Hello, Ren! Love your site. I am a six year multiple myeloma survivor – already years beyond the median life expectancy of 43 months when I was diagnosed. I write a lot about cancer supplements – I post every day on my site and every other day on If you don’t mind, I am going to share excerpts from your blog and link-back-to-it as well. On another point, are you taking curcumin? Proven anti-cancer properties in blind studies conducted by MD Anderson and others in Asia and Europe. 2 gm daily minimum needed to help. Also excellent anti-inflammatory. Lost my mother-in-law to colon cancer two years back after 10 year struggle. But not sure what supplements best for your journey. Looking forward to learning about it! Thanks for sharing all of this so others can benefit!

  2. tanstaafl says:

    You may find that you can add 95% of your pills to your favorite protein shake several times a day if that reduces your feeling of “pill burden”. The remainder may incude pills that have extra yucky taste or are too unstable, like some forms of active vitamins.

  3. Rona0909 says:

    Ren, I was told that the liver has to process all the supplements, so one good reason to cut down is so the liver is not overloaded. Have you cross-checked with the RGCC test?

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