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See you in 40 years or so…

My best friend, my brother, we will all miss you. Ren passed away just after 2pm 27th October 2013, age 45, surrounded by family. Words fail me, its hard to see through my tears. Rest In Peace! Ren’s work is … Continue reading

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12 Months and Still Fighting

Update on Ren’s condition. For those that have been following this blog will know that Ren has a will that is not surpassed by many. He was always extremely determined (some would call it stubborn) to achieve any goal he … Continue reading

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ALPPS Non Event

On Wednesday I woke up in intensive care. I was sore, but I was alive was my first thought. My second thought, something is not right as I looked at clock and the time showed only 1pm. Also I did … Continue reading

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ALPPS Surgery Update

The fluid buildup due to ascites is becoming unbearable, so I decided to go to hospital a day early in a hope of a solution. I got none. I was told that draining the fluid would do more harm than … Continue reading

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Last month I was thrown two potential lifelines. Firstly I found a surgeon willing to do a colon resection using Dr. Karel Fortyn’s devitalization/devascularization method. I blogged about this procedure in the past where I went into a great deal … Continue reading

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Hallwang Week

This is a long story and I am starting at the other end, but Its the the most current and if I feel up to it, I’ll fill in the significant events leading up to this week later. I arrived … Continue reading

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