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Septic Shock

On Monday I drove to Olomouc to meet with an oncologist. Olomouc is a city an hour drive from our temporary home in the Czech Republic. The oncologist there is great, the first one that I can say that I … Continue reading

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Week in Duderstadt

Another week of intensive immuno therapies and intense local hyperthermia treatments is over. The weather in Duderstadt was great and I feel better than ever, even though Prof. Vogl’s latest radiology report makes for some grim reading. I may not … Continue reading

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Out of the Box and into a Rat

Yesterdays conversation with Dr. Nesselhut revolved a lot around the efficacy of the DC Vaccine treatment that he is administering, in particularly the priming of the DC cells. To explain, dendritic cells themselves do not fight cancer, or other infections. … Continue reading

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Almost Perfect

Had an interesting appointment with Dr. Nesselhut Junior yesterday. He is one of the doctors managing and administering my Dendritic Cell vaccine therapy in Duderstadt. We went over special immunological tests that were done by a Berlin lab during my … Continue reading

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I have learnt a great deal about my cancer in the past two months. I know that it is extremely aggressive, growing at 15% per month on average. I know that a mutation affecting the PI3K pathway makes attempts to … Continue reading

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Dichloroacetate (DCA)

DCA is a small synthetic molecule that can kill cancer cells. To understand how DCA works, it is important to also understand the metabolism of cancer cells. The primary energy source of both cancer and normal cells is glucose. In … Continue reading

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Hallwang Tour of Duty

After two interesting days spent at the Siebenhuner clinic in Frankfurt, I made my way to Hallwang. Hallwang is by far the most expensive of the German clinics, however they have very good doctors, its in the heart of the … Continue reading

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Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT)

There were several benefits in visiting a new clinic in Frankfurt. Firstly I was able to get a local hyperthermia just hours after the Vogl Chemoembolization, and I discovered several new potential treatments. One of these, Insulin Potentiated Therapy or … Continue reading

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Chamoembolization Round 2

I had an appointment Dr. Pain (aka Prof. Vogl) for another TACE treatment in Frankfurt. The man is a true master at inflicting severe pain. In comparison, my root canal dentist, whom I previously held in high esteem on the … Continue reading

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MRI June 2013

I knew that this MRI was going to be critical as the last scan showed a 15% growth across the board. This was without treatment. If the first round of German therapies worked, I should hopefully see a reduction in … Continue reading

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