Week in Duderstadt

20130621-200501.jpgAnother week of intensive immuno therapies and intense local hyperthermia treatments is over. The weather in Duderstadt was great and I feel better than ever, even though Prof. Vogl’s latest radiology report makes for some grim reading. I may not understand medical german all that well, but phrases like Grosse Progression are hard to miss. Still lets not dwell on that.

I arrived in Duderstadt on Sunday and started the first therapy with Dr. Nesselhut the following day. Pretty much the same routine as last time, with one major difference:

Monday – Newcastle Disease Virus, Local Hyperthermia
Tuesday – Newcastle Disease Virus, Local Hyperthermia
Wednesday – Dendritic Cell Vaccine, Interleukin-2 injection, Local Hyperthermia
Thursday – Zometa, Local Hyperthermia, Ozone
Friday – Zometa, Local Hyperthermia, Ozone, Interleukin-2 injection, donor gamma-delta cells.

Unlike last month, where I was quite sick with bad flu like symptoms, this time I had no reaction to the Dendritic Vaccine. Everything this month has been easier. Can’t explain it, but I like to think that this is a good sign and not a mere build up of tolerance to the treatments.

Friday (today), I received a transfusion of gamma-delta cells. This is new. These were harvested from a healthy donor, (most likely one of the nurses at the clinic, but they would not tell me which one) and cultured in a lab. Over 200 million cells were infused over about 40 minutes. So far no reaction to the gamma-delta infusion, though I feel a litle more tired than usual. I don’t expect an adverse reaction however as this is not typical for this treatment.

Finishing the day with 6 IVs that I am doing in the hotel room as I write this and tomorrow I go back home to spend a week with my family. I was planning on two weeks initially, but I don’t think that I can afford such a long break from treatments. I would like to also squeeze in 2DG this month. (This has me excited, but more on that next time.)


About Ren

I have been diagnosed with stage 4, metastatic colorectal cancer in October 2012, 3 days after my 44th birthday. There is no cure, but I am determined to go down the road less travelled to find one. I have setup this blog to document my journey and hopefully help others in the process. My view is that if there is a cure, it does not lie with traditional chemo, but with the immune system. Time will tell.
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6 Responses to Week in Duderstadt

  1. jp says:

    Hi Ran,

    What made you choose treatment at this facility in Duderstadt vs the one in Hessen? (which Murray went).


  2. Ren says:

    Based on Murray’s experience I did not do SPDT and basing treatments mostly round hyperthermia I don’t think is enough. Duderstadt has a world expert on immunotherapy. Its this that I am there for, not just the hyperthermia. Hallwang offers Removab, Frankfurt has TACE etc., so visiting 5 clinics in total for different treatments.

  3. jp says:

    Thanks Ren,
    Also the picture in this post; would that also called “Oncothermia” treatment? or is that different from “intense local hyperthermia” treatment?

  4. Ren says:

    Local Hyperthermia and Oncothermia are used interchangeable I have noticed. Oncothermia is a newer term for modulated radio frequency machines where the dosage is measured in kj/kg or Gy just like for radiation. So yes, the machine in the picture is technically an Oncothermia device.

  5. jp says:

    That case, I found an article mentioning this thing called “Abscopal Effect” involving the use of Oncothermia treatment, among others. Would this be helpful to you if you mention it to your doctors ? (www.io-symposium.com/oncothermia/page/2010/abs_pos_12.ENG/). (There was another example done on mice by Tottori University,Japan, and they called it “Bystander Effect of Oncothermia”.)

  6. Adrian Burrage says:

    Hey Rene, not quite the right forum to be contacting you on, but I didn’t have another address for you (other than FB which I gather your not using). I’ve just come across this blog courtesy of one of our school friends who googled your name (there was a reunion of sorts recently.)

    Anyway, it seems you’ve got some health challenges on your hands which is not good news (understatement I know). Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you and hope your treatment goes well. Never one to follow the leader I see you’re trying to forge new ground, good on you. Your outlook is inspiring.

    You’ve got my details, so send me an email if you’ve got the energy and time. I will flick this page onto Carl and James.

    Take care mate and I will keep an eye on your progress.

    Oh, BTW, I think I accidentally registered the wrong email address the first time I tried, so someone with (almost) my email address minus the letter ‘c’ has probably been registered and will have no idea why.


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